MyCloudPBX Softphone – iPhone – Installation

This guide will help you install the MyCloudPBX Softphone on your iPhone or iPad.

You will need a MyCloudPBX Softphone account in order to follow this guide, if you do not already have one you will need to contact your administrator.

Step 1. From the app store, search ‘myCloudPBX’ and and download the app.

Step 1


Step 2. Open the application.

Step 3. The first time you run the application, you will have to accept some permissions so the app will work. Start by allowing access to the Microphone. (Note that the microphone is only in use during phone calls)



Step 4. To allow Siri integration, click ‘OK’.



Step 5. Click ‘Allow’ to enable notifications. This will permit the app to notify you if you miss a call and allow the app to act seamlessly with your iPhone.



Step 6. Enter the following information.

     Username: Your username

     Password: Your password

Step 7. Ensure that ‘Keep Password’ & ‘Auto Login’ are selected, then click ‘Login’



Step 8. You are now logged in.


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