MyCloudPBX Softphone – Android – Making Calls

You will need a MyCloudPBX Softphone account in order to follow this guide, if you do not already have one you will need to contact your administrator.


Making a phone call

Open the myCloudPBX app and login using your username and password.

Using the touchscreen enter the number you wish to dial and then press the green ‘dial’ button.



On call options

Once the call connects, you have some additional options.

– You can mute your microphone by clicking ‘mute’.
– You can put the other person on hold by pressing the ‘hold’ button.
– You can put yourself on speakerphone, by pressing ‘speaker’.
– You can hang up the call by pressing the red ‘Hangup’ button.
– To input numbers while on a call you can press the ‘keypad’ button.

Add Call





Once you have finished entering numbers, you can press the ‘Hangup’ button, red in colour.



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