MyCloudPBX Softphone – Android- Add / View Contacts and Speed Dials

Add and view contacts and speed dials

1. Click the ‘contacts’ button


2. Click the ‘plus sign’ in the top right hand corner.


3. On this screen you can add all the pertinent information about the contact, including add a special photo or image to be assigned to the caller.


4. Tap on ‘+’ and Scroll down to select ‘add softphone’ . You can tap on ‘+’ to add more numbers such as Mobile phone, Main phone, Home phone, Fax phone e.t.c.


5. Enter in the persons ‘extension number’, and any other information you wish to add, then tap on the tick at the top right corner .



6. Now you can see your newly added contacts and their availability, and click on anyone you wish to ring.



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